Friday, 29 August 2008


Catching up... Tuesday 26 August, 2008
I'm afraid that for the first time in the history of my 365, I am posting a photo I did NOT take... I'm going to admit that straight away. My camera ran out of juice on Tuesday, so I didn't get any photos of our kickass visit to Craigmillar Castle OR the sweet Raconteurs gig in the evening. This photo was taken by Pete, who to be fair was standing just about 3 feet away from me at the time. It's allllmost like I took it myself. Really! They were awesome btw and were supported by the righteous Sons and Daughters fae Glesga. Mel caught a drumstick and waited until some ridiculously late hour outside the Corn Exchange to get an autograph from a band that never showed up. Mel and Pete left in the morning, and Kate and Magnus were very sad.

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